신점 상담 


Divination & 



사주 & 신점

Astrology, Divination & Consulting (75 - 90 mins)


A session includes a look at your astrological information with spirit led divination.  This session is best reserved for those who are seeking their spiritual path and connecting to their ancestors.

Importantly, this reading may offer suggests rituals to resolve issues and to manifest.


오방기 깃발 Flag Pull Divination 


Only available for those who had a previous session with me.

 오방기 5-colored divination flag.  This service is part of a ritual performed at night, entering deep prayers to gain deeper insight and guidance. 

To book, need 24 hrs notice minimum. To inquire more, please send an email. 



Korean Astrology 


Elemental Archetype Report


With birth date information, calculate your elemental archetype. This can provide insight and clues to our patterns and inner core. Discover your element. 

Email Report - Purely informational 


2021 Yin Metal Ox Report


This mini astrology report shows the symphony of energies and the elements at the moment of your birth. A look into the star combinations and elemental dynamics of the current year's energies. 

Email Report - Purely informational 

신당 Shrine Services &  Offerings


초하루 보름 Lunar Moon Offerings


Give offerings to pay respect to the gods, spirits and ancestors during the New moon or Full Moon. Offerings builds a connection to the spirits and gods of the Korean pantheon.


촛불 향 Incense & Candle Offering


 Show your 마음 (ma-eum) heart to the spirits. Dedicating a candle or incense is a way to show respect and asking for blessings from the gods. 


촛불기도 Candle Prayers & Ritual 

Inquiry required

공들여 (gongdeul-yeo) means to give offering and prayers, to receive the guidance and blessings of the spirits. Like sands of time, each granule and act of respect, merit and virtue  builds up 공덕을 쌓요. 

Please include a note or message to go along with the prayers for blessings. 


부적 Bujeok Talisman 

Inquiry required

Bujeok talismans are drawn after a 3 day ritual of purification, gathering and release of spirits energy. Depending on the purpose and use of the talisman, multiple are drawn to compound their power.

Sacred materials imported from Korea. 


조상 제사  Ancestral Rite (Jesa)

Inquiry required

Performing ancestral rite, offerings and veneration on your behalf.

This service requires preparations of materials and offerings, setting up of the altar and perform the ritual rites involved with jesa ancestral veneration.