Spring Mountain
Astrology + Divination + Spiritual Insight + Shrine Services
FUN  FACT :  The Korean astrology system is based on the planetary movement of Jupiter - the 12 zodiacs are planetary placements & positions

Saju Astrology & Jeom Spirit Divination 

Combination of astrology with divination. Looking into the 8 characters of your 4 pillars to read the elemental influences. Then turning to spirit divination to connect with spirits and ancestors. 


(60 mins) $225 


(90 mins) $325

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For bookings of these services below, please send an email for more information and inquiry 

부적 Talisman Charm requires a 3 day ritual process to complete. Using materials sourced from Korea. 

Personal talismans, for the home, car, business, luck, health, etc. 

제사 Ceremonial altar with offerings, a memorial for the ancestors. Feeding of the spirit. Requires a 3 day notice minimum. 

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고사 Cleansing of a home, space or business. Offerings to the land spirits and house spirits.

In business, helps with luck and fortune petitioning to 대감 Daegam god of welath, fortune and commerce. 

굿 Private rituals, mountain rituals, grand ceremony, etc. 

Invoking, gods and ancestors, ritual feeding, sending off spirits, exorcism, etc. 

촛불 향 Candle & Incense

Make a dedication or on behalf of a friend or family. Give offering of candle and incense to show respect and worship. 

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