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Sessions are through Zoom video conferencing - recording option is available.  The recording of the session is only for your information and review. 

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60 mins - $250


Exploring the energies of your Korean saju astrology chart can help bring more clarity to your environment and its influences.

First half of the session will include an introduction to Korean saju astrology and interpretation of the stars for 2022 Yang water Tiger Year. 

Second part of the session will be shamanic insight, mediumship and divination, opening spirit doors to allow ancestors enter the space to connect. Divination tools used during this session is the 5 colored flag, coin tossing and rice throwing. 

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& saju astrology

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divination, saju & consulting

30 mins - $150

(Returning Clients ONLY)

This session is for those seeking clarity in one or two areas of your life, looking for more insight. Saju astrology will help to interpret the energies of the incoming months to help with big decisions. 

If you need guidance on your spiritual path or development we can discuss various tools and skills you can develop and use. Growing your practice and learning to trust your intuition and messages. 

If you want a longer session or more time then please select option above. 

custom made bujeok talisman


Ritually drawn and infused with spiritual power of the spirits. Bujeoks have deep rooted history within Korean spiritual practices for centuries. 

Bujeok talismans can be used for variety of purposes like protection of homes and sacred spaces, to magnetize abundance, or attract luck. 

These talismans requires 3 nights of ritual prayers and spirit channeling. you may need more than one talisman to compound and maximize its efficiency. 

Coming Soon - Sept/Oct 2022

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SHAMANIC talisman & amulet

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SHAMANIC ceremony& rituals

Korean shamanic ceremonY 

Ceremonies and rituals for different needs to manifest and petition to spirits. 

Initiation 내림 

49 day 사십구제 
Illness & Health 병굿 
Prosperity & Business 재수굿

House & Business Blessing 고사
Guiding of Ancestors & Trauma 진옥이굿
Mountain prayers & ritual 산 기도
Ocean prayers & ritual 바다 기도
Release of bad luck samje 삼재풀이

If you are interested, please inquire and send me an email to further discuss. 

workshop & retreats

🌙 Lunar New Year Folk Magic Workshop for Seollal 설날 and DaeBoreum 대보름. via Zoom Friday, Jan 28th 12 pm EST 

🌙 Korean Land Spirits & House Spirit Folk Magic Workshop (coming soon 2022-2023)

🌙 Exorcisms, Cleansings & Purification Folk Magic Worjshop (coming soon 2022-2023)

No retreat are scheduled. 

Check out social media for updates & announcements on workshops and retreats. Or email for more information

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workshops & retreats