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how to book & what to expect

the details

Sessions are through Zoom video conferencing - if you wish to have the sessions recorded please ask at the start of the reading. Please note the recording of the session is only for your information and review. 


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First time & Returning Clients 

(60 mins via Zoom)

Shamanic session to connect with your spirits and ancestors. This session will include saju astrology charting to examine the stars and energies. 

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For Returning Clients ONLY 

(30 mins via Zoom)

This is a quick session for one or two areas of your life you seek guidance. Using divination, saju astrology and spirit channeling. 

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For Couples & Family 

(60 mins via Zoom)

For couples or families looking at the year ahead and its energies. This is not a compatibility reading but a dual session. 



shamanic healing

49 day 사십구제 
Illness & Health 병굿 
Prosperity & Business 재수굿
Initiation 내림 
Guiding of Ancestors & Trauma 진옥이굿
Mountain prayers & ritual 산 기도
Ocean prayers & ritual 바다 기도
Blocking of bad luck samje 삼재풀이

shrine services

Rituals and workings.
Available for candle work and prayers.
Petition & offerings to the gods, deities & ancestors. 
Bujeok (talismans & amulets) coming soon. 

workshops & experience

Online virtual workshops via Zoom to discuss the history and learn about folk magic, its ritual to enrich your own practice and gain tools.
retreats and gathering to connect, refresh and awaken. (coming soon)

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🌙 2022 Lunar New Year & First Full Moon Folk Magic Workshop (Seollal & DaeBoreum) 
via Zoom Friday, Jan 28th 12 pm EST


🌙 Exorcism, clearings & purification
(coming soon 2022) 


🌙 Korean House and Land spirits offerings & rituals. 
(coming soon 2022)