About me
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hi, I'm Jenn


Jenn communes with the gods, spirits and ancestors of our natural world to empower your lives. Jenn sources her intuitive gifts, knowledge, and experience from her guides and spirits. Focusing on spread compassion and awareness through her daily work as a spirit seer, communicator and healing artist. 

Based in New York City, Jenn has provided expertise for Apple+’s Pachinko and other productions, as well as for researchers at Jeonbuk National University who are studying 21st century Muism and the Korean American diaspora.


Her community-based praxis has been featured in The Huffington Post, Popdust, and elsewhere. Currently, she's co-developing a new off-campus study course on Muism in Art and Culture for St. Olaf College.

Jenn offers individual coaching, consulting, healing rituals and ceremonies.

"She helped me discover my inner abilities and my life has never been the same"
Johnny Cruise
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initiated in Korea

Mt. Gyerongsan
phoenix-dragon mountain

Jenn was given the shaman name of
신수보살 (Sinsu Bosal). 

She's been under the guidance and training of her spirit mother and elder for 6+ years. 
A fully established and practicing lineage in the US for over 25+ years.