"She helped me discover my inner abilities and my life has never been the same"

Johnny Cruise

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Weaver of the earthly & heavenly


Jenn communes with the gods, spirits and ancestors of our natural world to empower your lives. Jenn sources her intuitive gifts, knowledge, and experience from her guides and spirits. Focusing on spread compassion and awareness through her daily work as a spirit seer, communicator and healing artist.

She's  committed to cultivating a safe and sacred space to connect to your spirits and ancestors. She have a pantheon of powerful deities to help aid and assist you on your path and journey. Gently guiding you to take steps into creating power in your life and spiritual practice. 

She will give you the tools for your growth and spiritual journey to step into yourself and your gifts.

Jenn offers individual coaching, consulting, healing rituals and ceremonies.

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What Clients Have Said

kind words

"Mudang Jenn is spiritual lighting. She captured the exact dynamic of my deceased loved one and channeled messages with sensitivity, care, and amazing detail. She knew troubles I was suffering from and personal dynamics between me and the people around me. She described my eating habits and the health conditions of my close family without my even giving names or anything.
She conveys her messages with a bright kindness. I liked her soulfulness and lack of judgment. Her reading is like a brook of water bubbling in the sunlight. Such a nice person to encounter and a special light."


"Jen Bosalnim's connection to the gods and spirits is incredibly strong, and she was able to help me rediscover my own ties to my ancestors. With her deep relationship with our ancestors, her personal life as a Korean-American, and her warm spirit, Jen Bosalnim is the perfect messenger to the Korean diaspora who seek guidance in these troubled times. She is a blessing with many blessings to give.."


"I wanted to send you a quick email to express my sincere gratitude for the shinjeom a couple weeks ago. It really meant a lot to me to have someone connect with me with so much care coming from their heart. Thank you for approaching me with so much compassion and for listening to me and connecting with me and my family members/ancestors."


I loved my saju reading/divination session with Shaman Jenn. I'm a queer Korean-American, and I don't know much about Korean mythology, but I felt really safe and comfortable to speak with her. The saju reading unfolded immediately. I felt taken care of under Jenn's guidance as she gently interspersed the meanings of different cosmologies and Korean folk traditions. Not only did I feel like I was being seen, but I also felt a sense of deeprootedness to my ancestors and to my Korean-ness.
I left the session with a deep sense of gratitude and new rituals and techniques to continue my own spiritual practice. I am grateful to Jenn for providing clarity and bringing tenderness to our session together..


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initiated in Korea

mt. gyerongsan
phoenix-dragon mountain

Jenn was given the shaman name of
신수보살 (Sinsu Bosal). 

She's been under the guidance and training of her spirit mother and elder for 6+ years. 
A fully established and practicing lineage in the US for over 25+ years. 

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