Mudang Jenn 

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Korean shaman. astrologer. folk magic practitioner. spirit seer. diviner



Marked by the spirits since a child, disconnected from ancestral folkways and traditions. Its taken her a long time to fully understand her life and calling. Committed to cultivating a safe and sacred space for healing and connection. 

 Jenn sources her intuitive gifts, knowledge, and experience from her gods and ancestors. Her life’s work is dedicated to ancestors, honoring the gods and spirits of our natural world.  Focusing on spread compassion and awareness through her daily work as a spirit seer, communicator and healing artist.  

*Providing spiritual guidance, consulting, and insight through Zoom sessions online.

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I loved my saju reading/divination session with Shaman Jenn. I'm a queer Korean-American, and I don't know much about Korean mythology, but I felt really safe and comfortable to speak with her. 


The saju reading unfolded immediately. I felt taken care of under Jenn's guidance as she gently interspersed the meanings of different cosmologies and Korean folk traditions. Not only did I feel like I was being seen, but I also felt a sense of deeprootedness to my ancestors and to my Korean-ness. We laughed as she explained different star combinations with visual imagery that were easy to understand. Shaman Jenn was able to connect to phenomena and feelings in my life that I didn't have language for.I am so grateful to have that language now and for Shaman's Jenn dedication to her craft. I admire her candidness and thoughtfulness in her readings and interpretation of my SAJU chart. I left the session with a deep sense of gratitude and new rituals and techniques to continue my own spiritual practice. I am grateful to Jenn for providing clarity and bringing tenderness to our session together. I highly recommend Jenn if you find that you have a gravity towards her work. Thank you

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J. Lee

I wanted to send you a quick email to express my sincere gratitude for the shinjeom a couple weeks ago.  It really meant a lot to me to have someone connect with me with so much care coming from their heart. Thank you for approaching me with so much compassion and for listening to me and connecting with me and my family members/ancestors.

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Jenn 선생님의 신점은 제가 힘든 시기를 겪을 때 큰 도움이 되었습니다. 제가 말 하지 않아도 고통을 꿰뚫어보고 가슴으로 느껴 주시니 깊은 위안이 되었습니다. 처음 마주한 분이 내 삶을 그렇게 알아봐 주는 것은 신기하기도 하고 아픈 곳을 어루만져주는 감동적인 경험이었습니다. 선생님이 전해주시는 공수는 그 어떤 일이 있어도 살아낼 수 있다는 믿음을 단단하게 해 주었습니다. Jenn 선생님은 진심으로 신의 말을 전달하고 하늘과 땅을 잇고자 성의를 다하시는 것이 느껴집니다. 한국의 토속신앙은 멸시와 오해 속에서 주변화 되었고 우리는 신, 조상님들, 그리고 자신의 영혼에도 귀를 기울이는 법을 잊었습니다. 이런 현대 사회에서 토속신앙을 과거의 것으로 남기지 않고 우리에게 전달해주는 Jenn 선생님은 소중한 보물입니다. 그 어떤 억압에도 끈질기게 살아남아 있는 우리의 전통 신앙은 어마어마한 생명력을 지니고 있습니다. Jenn 선생님과의 대화와 소셜미디어에 올리시는 사진과 글에서 모두 그 점을 느낄 수 있습니다. 한국의 전통과 뿌리, 자신의 영성, 조상, 자연, 인간, 신과의 관계를 치유하고 삶을 새로운 관점으로 마주 하고 싶으신 분들께 Jenn 선생님을 찾아가는 것을 망설임 없이 권유합니다.

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Hyo R. Kim 

Jen Bosalnim's connection to the gods and spirits is incredibly strong, and she was able to help me rediscover my own ties to my ancestors. With her deep relationship with our ancestors, her personal life as a Korean-American, and her warm spirit, Jen Bosalnim is the perfect messenger to the Korean diaspora who seek guidance in these troubled times. She is a blessing with many blessings to give. ---

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D. Choi

Jenn speaks with genuine kindness and consideration. She honors who you are as a person when she delivers her reading. Her and her gods' wisdom and sense of humor are medicinal. I encourage anyone who needs to get in touch with their own forgotton or uncovered parts to talk to her and find empowerment in her guidance.

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H. Kim

Jennifer is an amazing Mudang, she has help me tremendously connecting with my grandmother who past away many years ago. I was always close to my grandmother since young age and it’s very important to me to she is still watching after me now. Jennifer helped delivering her message even from half a globe away. She helped me discover my inner abilities and my life has never been the same, she helped me achieve mental stability with accurate readings and what to expect in the upcoming future. 

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J. Cruise

Jenn and I connected on such a deep level, she is never getting rid of me! She answered so much for me and my family, and it felt like we'd always known each other. I'm so thankful for her guidance in tradition, and help in navigating my spiritual path. 

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J. French

Having a session with Jenn was incredibly supportive, practical, insightful, and empowering. She was able to address many areas of my life holistically and with empathy. If you are considering a session or have troubles that have been weighing on your mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jenn! 

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