2022 Lunar New Year Korean Folk Magic Workshop  - Jan 28th 12 Noon EST via Zoom 

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Korean Shaman 
Mudang Jenn

Mediator between heaven & earth. Weaver of the earthly and divine to provide a guiding light for your journey. 

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Learn about the traditions of Korean shamanism and folk magic with Mudang Jenn - as your shaman and guide. These practices are rooted in history, culture and spiritual beliefs dating back 5000 years.

A fully established and one of the oldest lineage in the US.  


Korean Shaman
Mudang Jenn 

Gifted oracle, spirit seer and spiritual warrior to shed light on your life journey and path.

Jenn communes with the gods, spirits and ancestors of our natural world to empower our lives. Initiated on Phoenix-Dragon Mountain (Gye-rongsan) in Korea. Coming to my page means you were pulled by spirit or ancestors - as we say in Korean 조상이 끌린다. 


I will gently guide you to gain courage to help you transform to unleash the power of your magic & ancestors. You're growing into a powerful force. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to have the honor of meeting you. 

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"Mudang Jenn is spiritual lighting"


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Korean Shamanism & Resources

Offer one-on-one readings, consultations, workshops and retreats - coming soon. 

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Your guide to connecting  to your ancestors and spirits through spirit divination and astrology.  Learn more about Korean shamanism and its folk magic practices in the sessions.

online shrine - coming soon 

Access to spiritual services like rituals, ancestral offerings, candle lighting, incense burning and more.
Services to connect you with ancestors and the spirits.

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Sharing teachings on Korean shamanism enriching your connection to the land, spirits and ancestors. 
I'm excited to share this with you