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​신수 보살

Jen Bosalnim's connection to the gods and spirits is incredibly strong, and she was able to help me rediscover my own ties to my ancestors. With her deep relationship with our ancestors, her personal life as a Korean-American, and her warm spirit, Jen Bosalnim is the perfect messenger to the Korean diaspora who seek guidance in these troubled times. She is a blessing with many blessings to give.


- Dr. Choi (Princeton University)

My Story 

At 8 years old, the winds of the spirits started to gently blow their influences into my life. I was a sensitive child, an odd child as my mother recalled. She confessed at times she wondered and thought if I had sin-ki (신끼) gods energy


I grew up in a typical immigrant family, my parents arrived and settled in NYC in the early 80's. They owned dry cleaners to support the family and every morning we woke at 5:30am to get ready to head out to the store. My preschool was just a block away, I would sleep in the back of the car and at the store until it was time for school. I remember the unique smell of rice cooking from the rice pot and the steam from the pressers, it was delicious - nostalgic.

In my youth, my parents were Protestant Christians, we would go to Church every Sunday while I cling and beg not to be put in Sunday School. I hated school...