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 weaver of the heavenly & earthly

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I'm jenn

Jennifer Kim (신수 보살) is an internationally known and respected teaching artist, practicing mudang, and consultant on Muism–Korea’s ancient and enduring indigenous religion. Since initiating at Gyerongsan (Pheonix Dragon Mountain) almost seven years ago into the oldest established lineage outside of Korea, she has translated traditions that have been difficult for Korean diaspora to access and that are at the root of Korean culture.

Based in New York City, Jenn has provided expertise for Apple+’s Pachinko, and worked with researchers at Jeongju University who are studying 21st century Muism and her journey as a Korean American diaspora mudang.


Her community-based praxis has been featured in The Huffington Post, Popdust, and elsewhere. Currently, she's co-developing a new off-campus study course on Muism in Art and Culture for St. Olaf College.

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"Mudang Jenn is spiritual lighting"


"She is an extremely skilled seer with many worldly identities of her own"


Korean Traditional Ceremony Table Setup


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